When does a photograph become a truly valuable heirloom to a family? At Wehmeier Portraits, we believe this occurs when the portrait stops being just a picture and transforms into a tangible memory of your past as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. The portrait then holds a message for generations to come.

Since every child and family is unique, the journey of creating your personalized portrait art centers around discovery, both yours and our own. Helping you discover your family’s “why” is crucial for us to turn that photograph into a family treasure.

Throughout your journey, Rob and Elise are committed to guiding you through the entire experience. Our first step in this creative process is the design consultation. In the consultation, we sort out the physical details, but we also work to understand the “why” for your portrait – what story do you want us to tell? What do you wish to leave behind to reflect your family’s legacy?

From the moment you initiate a relationship with Rob and Elise until the final presentation of your portraiture and beyond, our vision is clear. We strive to capture your family’s milestones, to create a visual affirmation of your family’s unique personalities and dynamic, and to construct a tangible, lasting legacy of the story of your family. Let us partner with you to create handcrafted photography to preserve your family’s memories over the quick-moving progression of life. We invite you to follow your heart and set up a consultation today – don’t look back wishing you had.