Spray and Play.

Film Friday (plus one)

Ok, so I took a big risk to get the shot.  Nothing more dangerous than a little kid with a hose.

Small Child in back yard playing with garden hose and sprayer.
Spray 1    Leica M6, 35mm Summicron Tri-X

I thought it was a great opportunity with Courtney spraying the hose with the sun backlighting the water spray.  She touched her fingers in the stream and sprayed herself with a little water.  Of course, the hose turned on me, and it was time to shoot and run.  I’m just glad she didn’t chase me.

Young child in back yard with garden hose and sprayer.
Spray 2      Leica M6, 35mm Summicron Tri-X

Elise is scrapbooking this weekend.  She combed through the family catalog for images to print, and now she is organizing her heart out, taping like crazy, and writing the stories behind the photos.  She’s a few years behind, and I know she would love to be current.  But I think to give the images and memories time to ferment as fine wine adds to her ability to collect the most meaningful pictures and writing from the heart.

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