Season’s Last Trip

A walking meditation.

As we march towards winter, here is a reminder of fun in the sun at the beach.  Beverly Shores is more accessible at this time of year.  I wish the kids weren’t so busy now that they are in high school.  The trip would have been fun to have them along.  Let us just say the visit was meditative.

Stack of stones on beach with Lake Michigan in background.
Summers Last Stack.

So long summer.  I look forward to fall and winter.  I love to see the seasons change.  With one in college, I notice that it’s getting harder to get all the kids together for fun excursion.  Even over the summer, my two high schoolers had packed schedules and commitments.  On top of that, time seems to be passing even faster as I get older.  Well, that adds up to a scary future.   Three and half years from I’m going to be pretty lonely…  More time for meditation I guess.

Empty beach chairs on beach at Beverly Shores dunes.
Suns last worship.

I talked before about wandering aimlessly as meditation.  This time it’s more relaxed, no one to fallow no direction no destination.  See what you see and find what you find.

Maybe the two chairs are for me and Elise…   Yeah, Right!  Can you see the 2 of us in the sun getting a tan… More like crispy.


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