It’s Her Fault

Film Friday

I’m a bit late with this one… we had to take the little one, pictured below, back to college on Friday.  Still cute but not so little anymore.

It’s all Courtney’s fault!  I was really really happy photographing executives, stomping around factories, and photographing industrial parts in the studio.  But then she came along and changed everything.

Newborn baby sleeping in crib with hands under cheek.
Little Giant      Leica M6 50mm Summilux  Tri-X


When I first started in photography, I had a great passion for seeing things made.  I loved the idea of photographing facilities so that I could look at the insides up close.  My first photo assisting jobs out of college was working for a photographer in N,W. Indiana doing photo assignments in many of the steel mills and their supporting industries.  I was in heaven.  As my career progressed, I moved to Chicago and started assisting photographers who did not only industrial work but also advertising, catalog and corporate photography.

My biggest problem was telling friends and family what I did.  When I said that I was a commercial photographer they would reply “what’s that?”  I would then launch into a long explanation of the types of photography that I did and where the images were used.  Sometimes the explanation still would not make sense to the questioner, and so I would default to saying “I don’t shoot weddings or babies.”   It went so far that when a mutual friend of ours was working to set us up on a blind date, Elise asked what I did for a living and the friend replied that she wasn’t too sure, but she knew I didn’t photograph weddings or babies.

Fast forward six years to the birth of my first daughter.  At this point I’m still in the city photographing commercial projects, what I didn’t realize was that my next photo project, the first of 3, just showed up.  I started burning through film like it was going out of style…… and about four years after that it did…..

3 large binders holding negatives.

Above are the binders that hold the B&W negatives from Elise’s pregnancy through Courtney at age two and a half. 

At this point, you probably have guessed that I was going to have to change my go-to explanation for what I did.  My love of tromping through factories was quickly being replaced by playing and photographing little ones.   Mind you I still love factories and learning how things are made, it’s just that getting a little one to smile is worth a million.

One year old enjoying her birthday cake in her high chair.
Did It!       Leica M6  50mm Summilux  Tri-X


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