Meet Rob Wehmeier

Rob’s curiosity and initial attraction to the art of photography occurred during a junior high trip from Chicago to Washington, DC, when a camera loaned to him failed and brought him the sad realization that his experiences and memories were not being documented. Because of this, Rob was inspired to set a goal to earn enough money and purchase his own camera.

Years later, during a college photography class, Rob’s professor immediately noticed his natural talent and eye for capturing beautiful, unique imagery. Throughout college, he not only studied photography, but also various liberal arts classes that gave him a better understanding of the people, places, and cultures he would be documenting.

After graduation, Rob followed in the footsteps of his father and brother in their family business, but soon the artistic calling overcame him. In 1991, he left the family business to pursue commercial photography.

Life as a single photographer was good, but about to get better…a blind date with Elise, marriage, and a baby on the way. Rob’s dedication to family life shifted him away from being a full-time commercial photographer. When he became a father, two worlds collided and blended his photographic vision and love for making his children laugh, along with Elise’s expertise as a creative consultant, into what is now Wehmeier Portraits.

You can bring Rob’s artistic vision from his home studio into yours by starting your legacy journey now. Let us collaborate with you to create handcrafted portrait artwork to preserve your family’s memories over the quick-moving progression of life. We invite you to follow your heart and set up a consultation today – don’t look back wishing you had.